Pointe/Lisser dresses and Bras!

Pointe/Lisser dresses and Bras!

Now available at Bias&Beusy.


The Victoria Shape.

New Shape @Beusy.



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– A complete style card

Mesh Uniform Dresses.

Featured: Caramel Mocha Uniform

New Unifrom Mesh Dress @Beusy!

There’s 5 versions to choose from.

Demo available as well.



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I Love New York Hunt (Valentines Day)

I don’t know about you guyI Love New York Hunts but I’ve never really enjoyed Valentines Day. It could be because I’m romantically challenged and find sappy stuff annoying.

So I’ve decided to create an item for all of you fellow Valentines Day grumps.

Stay tuned for a preview.